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Welcome to a Caribbean Experience

by Robin Dawson-Salter


Save and Travel LLC

    Planning your own vacation can be overwhelming for clients.  If you DIY a  family vacation it can easily go wrong.  That could cause you unnecessary  stress and anxiety.  And that’s not the way to start a vacation.
     When Save and Travel plan a vacation for our clients they'll feel a sense of relief and comfort. The travel service fee includes planning and booking a customized Caribbean experience.  With this level of service now the clients ...exhale and just mentally prepare for vacation while I put together an awesome vacation filled with a lifetime of memories.

What’s on your Jamaican vacation bucket list?   


*Mystic Mountain Adventure Park in Jamaica offers guests the opportunity to bobsled at any time during the year. 


*Whether you consider yourself a natural water explorer or a stranger to the sea, there are water sports and activities for everyone in Jamaica.


*Jamaica is known for its exotic and delicious cuisine the island is the home of jerk chicken.

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From Save and Travel

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